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Visualizing our Symphonic Reality


It is not enough to say that individuals vary in the manner in which they absorb and make sense of reality, for the very acts of perception and cognition effectively alter reality itself.  If there is, in fact, one absolute version of reality, each human being sees that reality obscured by his or her own personal filter.  We cannot remove those filters because we are those filters.  

So, how can we possibly determine the accuracy of any single measurement if we each use a unique instrument to complete the task?  Under this premise, the truth is our word against everyone else’s. And at this moment in time, “everyone else” is over 7 billion people.  

I am among those who see the means to a resolution embedded in the predicament itself.  Evolution has produced more diversity and complexity than our singular human minds have the capacity to conceive.  But perhaps the miraculous nature of evolution accounted for that.  For we do not have just one snapshot of reality; collectively, we have billions.  Our task is not to vote on any single person's vision or even on a group of those we find most appealing.  We cannot choose to ignore parts of reality because it would be easier to manage if we did.  Instead, we must find more truthful ways of discerning order in the entire collection. 

It is a grand undertaking, and one that we have acknowledged to a degree in different ways throughout time.  We see a more inclusive methodology in the sciences today with the development of systems thinking, an echo of the holistic concepts that are at the foundation of Eastern religions.  But until more of us are able to see and become active participants in the mission, it can’t happen.  The negative impacts of our compartmentalized solutions to systemic problems are increasing exponentially.  Our fate will depend on humankind's ability to find new ways to conceptualize more factors at one time.  It is frightening to consider this reality, but it implies a responsibility that is both exciting and beautiful in its magnitude.  Our collective mental capacity to reflect on the meaning of existence is an opportunity to join together as active participants in our own evolutionary progression. 

The aim of my work is to create progressive forms, (often installed as site specific installations), that explore more symphonic and inclusive ways to visually conceptualize our connected universe.